Carley Law (formerly Cullen) is a graphic designer, educator and letterpress printer. She attended the University of Iowa where she received her MFA in Graphic Design with a secondary emphasis in Printmaking. Additionally, Carley holds a Graduate Certificate in Book Arts and Book Technologies from the University of Iowa Center for the Book (UICB).
Carley's visual research combines graphic design, typography, new technologies and letterpress printing to create a visual vocabulary of her cPTSD. She is interested in the emotions present in combinations of texture, type, line, and color. Carley aims to educate her audiences and bring awareness to these and other mental health diagnosis through interactive exhibitions and public installations.
Carley lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and dog. She currently is a Lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin. In her free time, you'll find her running, cycling, or printing different bits of ephemera on her C&M press.
photo by Cambria Shelley Photography